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Inspections & Compliance Auditing

Inspections & Compliance Auditing

Stormwater Inspections
Inspected over 20 industrial and municipal sites to assess compliance with state and federal stormwater permits; and provided recommendations on reducing non-point source pollution such as installing permeable pavers, gravel and planting native, low maintenance plants.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Inspections
Conducted Compliance Evaluation Inspections (CEIs) at over 50 wastewater treatment plants (industrial / municipal); assessed the accuracy of lab results against submitted Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs); audited laboratory operating procedures against Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ELAP) requirements; reviewed sampling preservation protocols; reviewed contingency plans; inspected all treatment units / outfall(s); identified deficiencies in housekeeping practices and maintenance; and determined compliance with General NPDES permit conditions.

Chemical Bulk Storage Inspections
Conducted site inspections to determine compliance with the New York Chemical Bulk Storage regulations; prepared final report on findings; and prepared Registration Certificates to the state, when applicable.

Dangerous Goods Transportation Audit
Conducted a compliance audit against the International Dangerous Goods Transportation regulations to ship essential oils containing alcohol via air; calculated the percentage of volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) in the essential oils to determine allowable thresholds for air transportation; and prepared a letter to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on the status of facility compliance.

Oil Pollution Prevention Audit
Conducted a campus-wide audit at a University to evaluate the use of petroleum storage tanks; recommended registering tanks with state authorities; and developed a Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan.

Conducted inspections for tanks located on a tributary to navigable waters; prepared a report on the structural integrity of the secondary containment capacity for a 70,000 fuel tank; and reviewed a facility’s storage protocol against Vermont and New Hampshire oil containment requirements.

Multi-Media, Pollution Prevention Audit
Conducted an audit at a residential treatment center and multiple paper mills to determine compliance with health and safety regulations, and environmental regulations, respectively.