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Protecting water resources

The Threats to Our Drinking Water By DAVID S. BECKMANAUG. 6, 2014 SAN FRANCISCO — THOSE of us who live in the United States are fortunate; generally we don’t have to give a lot of thought to the safety of our tap water. This makes our collective experience with water very different from that of […]

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Lake George is one of the clearest in New York

The Lake George Water Quality Yesterday afternoon I was at Gull Bay on Lake George with friend, mentor and colleague, Jeff Lape. According to the NYS Federation of Lake Associations (, Lake George is one of the clearest in New York, with a Secchi disk reading as low was 37 feet below the surface.  Uber […]

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Groundwater Is Drying Up Fast!

Out of sight, out of mind? Basin wide groundwater management policy is a must! Listen to how the Colorado River basin is drying up fast. Copyright 2014 NPR. To see more, visit Transcript RENEE MONTAGNE, HOST: Another battle is brewing over water in the West that could put farmers against city and suburb dwellers. LINDA […]

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