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Mirror Lake in Lake Placid, NY is rated AA & A for water quality

Mirror Lake in Lake Placid, New York is rated AA & A for water quality, which is one of the highest GOLD STAR designations for drinking water and culinary uses…..DRINK WATER!!

“The Ausable River Watershed drains 512 square miles on the northeastern side of the Adirondack Mountains of New York State.  It contains 94 miles of channel and is fed by more than 70 small streams, including two major tributaries, the Chubb River and Black Brook.  The watershed is divided into three subwatersheds: the East Branch, West Branch and Main Stem.

The West Branch subwatershed drains 236 square miles, and is the largest subwatershed of the Ausable River.  It is 94% forested, 4.3% urban, and 1.7% agricultural use.  The largest proportion of forested public land is in the headwaters area.

The East Branch Subwatershed contains 198 square miles.  Most of the East Branch passes through privately owned lands with residential, forest or pasture.  It is 94.5% forested, 3.5% urban, and 1.8% agricultural use.

The Main Stem is the most heavily developed river segment.  It runs through primarily private lands, including Ausable Chasm, several former industrial sites, and an automobile junkyard.  It is 79% forest, 9% urban and 11.9% agricultural use.

The Ausable River watershed is also home to nine of the highest peaks in New York State”*

*cited: AuSable River Association


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